A Bizen Tea Bowl by Isezaki Koichiro

Artist:Isezaki KoichiroEra:ContemporaryPrice:$1,850Inquire:info@shirakuragallery.com

First born son to Living National Treasure Isezaki Jun, Koichiro (b. 1974) has quickly made a name for himself as an independent artist. Not content to rely solely on family reputation, he has set off on his own path, making innovations in clay and also in the ideas and principles surrounding his craft.

With its well-proportioned ridged design, natural ash glaze, and coarse grade of Bizen clay still containing visible stones; the vessel seen here would be a good choice for someone looking for a representative and somewhat larger work by this artist. With its flowing edges resembling river stone polished by nature, its deep and rich clay accents, and its somewhat primal feel; the tea bowl seen here is a good introduction for those unfamiliar with Koichiro’s work. His attention to shape, texture, color and overall feel of clay objects is exceptional and we are looking forward to handling more pieces by this artist in the future.

In excellent condition, this tea bowl (chawan) is 3.75 inches in width (9.5 cm) and stands 4.75 inches tall (12 cm). With the artist’s signature on the base, this piece comes housed in its original box also signed and sealed by the artist (examples of signature and seals available upon request).