A Hanging Scroll by Kano Minenobu (1662 – 1708)

Artist:Kano Minenobu (1662 - 1708)Era:EdoPrice:SoldInquire:info@shirakuragallery.com

A fine example of Edo period Kano painting, this generously proportioned hanging scroll illustrates a late autumn scene from the Japanese countryside over 300 years ago. The poem on the scroll reads:

Solitary, with the color, of nothingness
A close to autumn, on a ring of mountaintops

The painter, Minenobu Kano (1662 – 1708), was greatly admired by the Ienobu Tokugawa shogunate who eventually promoted him to the position of inner-court artist. As a result, he gained independence and was allowed to found his own branch of the Kano school of painters known as Hamachou. Hamachou is recognized as one of 4 branches of the Edo Kano school of high-ranking painting families known as the “Oku-eshi.” The other three branches being the Kajibashi, Kobikichou, and Nakabashi. Today, paintings by this artist can be found in museums around the world including the Kyoto National Museum of Contemporary Art, the British Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art NY, and the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, to name a few.

In very good antique condition, this hanging scroll is done in sumi ink on silk with silk border. The dimensions are 147cm tall and 83cm wide and it comes housed in a kiri wood period box.