A “Karamono” Woven Bamboo Basket (Tea Master Item)

Artist:Unknown (Endorsed by Tea Master: Houn-sai)Era:EdoPrice:SoldInquire:info@shirakuragallery.com

In Japan, woven baskets such as this are often referred to as “karamono” (Chinese style) to denote their stylistic origins tending towards symmetrical proportions and tight weaves. Though the maker and date of production for this piece are unknown, judging from appearance it was likely crafted in Late Edo or in Meiji—with the box being furnished at the time Houn-sai granted his endorsement. Generally speaking, it is more common for Tea Masters to certify and endorse pieces of known origin, meaning that this intricately woven basket was judged to be exceptional based on its appearance and construction alone.

In fine antique condition, this woven basket is 73.5 cm tall (including the segmented handle) and 61.3 cm wide. It comes housed in a kiri wood box that is endorsed by the 15th Head Tea Master of Urasenke, Houn-sai (b. 1923). (examples of signatures and seals available upon request)