A Karatsu Tea Bowl by Shibayama Toshiya

Artist:Shibayama ToshiyaEra:ContemporaryPrice:$1750Inquire:ino@shirakuragallery.com

Accents formed using iron pigment stand out across a backdrop of blue-green glaze. The base and a portion of the inside of this ceremonial tea bowl are unglazed displaying rich clay. Created by Shibayama Toshiya, this is an example of contemporary Japanese ceramics at its finest.

A native of Nagoya Shibayama (b. 1959) is exceptionally versatile, working in styles such as Seto, Shino, Karatsu, and Shigaraki among others. A practitioner of tea himself, Shibayama is known for crafting impactful tea-ware pieces that are gaining in popularity. Two clues let us know that this is one of his top-tier works; first, the piece comes housed in an extraordinarily finely crafted wood box; and second, it was granted a “poetic name” and goes by the moniker “Karasu” (Crow or Raven in English).

In perfect condition, this tea bowl is 4.6 inches in width (11.8cm), stands 2.2 inches tall (5.5cm), and comes housed in an exceptionally well-crafted wood box with the artist’s signature and seal. Due to its remarkable character, this piece was granted the poetic name “Karasu” meaning crow, or raven in English.