A Katakuchi Sake Set by Hiramatsu Ryoma

Artist:Hiramatsu RyomaEra:ContemporaryPrice:$1,200Inquire:info@shirakuragallery.com

If you are familiar with the work of Hiramatsu Ryoma you know that he creates very unconventional ceramics inspired by forms found in nature. Here we have a sake set he describes as “Ou-tekko” (pyrite) and “Ammonite” (same in English – a kind of sea fossil). Part of a series he has been developing, the ancient Ammonite fossil has been the inspiration behind his latest creations. Pyrite, meanwhile refers to the metallic patterning on the outer surface of the clay body. Truly unique pieces to come out of the mind of this young Japanese artist.

In excellent condition, the katakuchi is 5 inches across including the pouring spout (12.7 cm), and stands 4 inches tall (10.2 cm). The two sake cups are housed in the same box (signed by Hiramatsu) and they are each approximately 7-8cm wide by 4.5cm tall. We have another set of 2 sake cups that could be combined with these to make a set of 4 matching sake cups and 1 katakuchi. Inquire for details.