A Mizusashi by Hachizan Takatori XI

Artist:Hachizan Takatori XIEra:HeiseiPrice:$1,250Inquire:info@shirakuragallery.com

Over 400 years ago the first Takatori potter known as “Hachizan” was brought to Japan by the powerful Kuroda clan and was tasked with establishing a kiln in the town of Fukuoka. Since that time, the Takatori lineage has produced many fine works and gained a reputation across Japan for their skill at producing porcelains of thin construction, using many layers of glaze, and with a variety of unique colorations.

Born in 1907, the 11th generation Takatori potter (Seizan), along with the help of his father (Takatori X), set about the task of restoring the family kiln that had been abandoned in the 9th generation. After years of hard work, the restoration was completed in 1958 and Seizan went on to produce many high-quality pieces; displaying them widely and rebuilding the reputation of the kiln that had been so loved by noble families of the past.

In excellent condition, this piece is 6.6 inches at its widest point (16.8 cm) and stands 7 inches tall (17.7 cm). It bears the Takatori XI’s seal on the base, comes wrapped in a beautiful protective cloth also bearing his seal, and is housed in its original signed wood box (tomobako).