A Porcelain Hira Tea Bowl by Miura Chikusen III (Tea Master Item)

Artist:Miura Chikusen IIIEra:Taisho/ ShowaPrice:$1,500Inquire:info@shirakuragallery.com

Currently in its 5th generation, the Miura Chikusen line of potters has continued to produce high-quality Kiyomizu-yaki and Kyo-yaki porcelains used in sencha for well over 150 years. The piece seen here is by the third generation potter and has the rare distinction of being endorsed by Sokuchusai, a former Head Tea Master of Omotesenke in Kyoto. Simple and elegant, a section of bamboo stands out in contrast to the white crackled porcelain glaze. If you are looking for a representative work by one of the most noteworthy potting lineages in Kyoto, this would be an excellent choice, especially considering the addition of the Tea Master endorsement.

The first Miura Chikusen (1854-1915) was an exceptionally skilled Meiji potter who specialized in Kiyomizu-yaki and Kyo-yaki high-quality porcelains used in sencha. From the age of 13 he apprenticed under Takahashi Dohachi III and later in 1883 at the age of 29, established his own kiln in the illustrious Gojo-zaka pottery district of Kyoto. A multi-talented artist, Chikusen was also an accomplished painter, poet, and calligraphist who traveled in literati circles. His ceramic painting is unmatched, typically employing brilliant cobalt blues and soft vermilions to emulate Ming and European motifs. The artist who crafted this tea bowl is the 3rd generation of this potting line who took over the kiln in 1921 after the early death of his older brother (Chikusen II). Through the ages, the family has been recognized, both officially and unofficially, as preservers of traditional craftsmanship.

In excellent condition, this porcelain tea bowl is 5.8 inches in width (14.8 cm) and stands 2.2 inches tall (5.6 cm). With the artist’s signature clearly impressed on the base, this piece comes housed in its original box signed and sealed by the artist. As mentioned above, the piece has the distinction of being recognized by a former Head Tea Master (Sokuchusai XIII) of the Omotesenke school of tea. (examples of signatures and seals available upon request).