Henko Vase by Kawai Kanjiro

Artist:Kawai KanjiroEra:ShowaPrice:$15,000Inquire:info@shirakuragallery.com

Conceived by 20th century master ceramicist Kawai Kanjiro—here an abstract depiction of flowers is used to adorn an exquisite “henko” shaped vase. The glaze is known as “tetsu-yu” for its use of iron compounds to achieve this distinctive look. Though many pieces by Kanjiro remain today, this exact combination of style, shape, and glazing is uncommon, making this a must-have work for serious collectors.

Like so many greats throughout history, Kanjiro (1890 – 1966) was an artist who refused to confine himself to one genre. A poet, philosopher, sculptor, as well as a gifted potter—he strove to preserve the simple austerity of Japanese folk-art that he felt was being encroached on by industrial methods of production taking hold at the time. Today, his works are highly sought after not only for their sheer aesthetic brilliance, but also due to the fact that he was a key figure in what many view as the most important studio pottery movement of the 20th century—Mingei, a folk-art movement that sought to praise the virtues of simplicity, functionality, and reverence for the hand-made wares of common craftsmen. Kanjiro also bears the distinction of being the only person to have ever declined the prestigious title of National Living Treasure—though it was offered to him. His works represent a deep philosophy of earnestness coupled with simple grace and harmony with nature.

This extraordinary piece is 6 inches at its widest point (15 cm) and stands nearly 8 iches tall (20 cm). The vase comes with its original box inscribed with artist’s signature and the Chinese characters “扁壺” (Henko — used to describe the shape) “壺” (Tsubo — vase/ jar) and “草花” (Kusabana — flowers).


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