Kano Scroll by Yasunobu (1613-1685) and Sokuhi Nyoitsu (1616-1671)

Artist:Kano Yasunobu (1613-1685) and Sokuhi Nyoitsu (1616-1671)Era:EdoPrice:$5,000Inquire:info@shirakuragallery.com

Third son of the director of the Kano School of painting, Yasunobu was appointed head of the Kyoto branch at a young age after his father’s death. Meanwhile, his two older brothers went to Edo to take up prestigious positions painting for the Tokugawa Shogunate. In 1662 Yasunobu gained the honorific title of “Hogen,” and near the end of his life in his 70s he wrote a treatise on the art of painting that would server as a central doctrine for later generations of painters. Here we see a striking example of his talent in combination with the words of a Zen priest of the Obaku sect, Sokuhi Nyoitsu.

Dharma heir to his teacher Ingen, Sokuhi served for a time as an abbot of Chongsheng Temple on Mt Xuefeng in Fujian before being summoned to Nagasaki in 1657 by his master and a close colleague Muyan. Seven years later, Sokuhi became an abbot of Sofuku-ji and later of the temple Manpuku-ji, where he was once again being reunited with his teacher. Today Sokuhi is remembered as one of the “Obaku no Sanpitsu” (Three Gifted Brushes of Obaku) and also as the “Nikanromon” (The twin gates of enlightenment); a distinction he shares with Muyan.

In fine antique condition, this hanging scroll is 148cm tall and 70.3 cm wide with the artwork being 56cm x 42.5 cm. Signed and sealed by Yasunobu and Nyoitsu, it comes housed in a kiri wood box. (examples of  signatures and seals available upon request).