Large Bizen Plate by Living National Treasure Isezaki Jun

Artist:Isezaki JunEra:ContemporaryPrice:$2,

Created by Living National Treasure Isezaki Jun, Bizen pieces like the one seen here originated in Okayama (south-western Japan) and have a long history that is closely intertwined with that of tea culture. Known for employing a natural-ash glazing techniques that require extremely long firing times (7-14 days) at very high temperatures, constant attention is required to ensure good results. Here Isezaki can be seen pushing the bounds of tradition Bizen orthodoxies in interesting and creative ways to great effect.

Widely exhibited both domestically and abroad, Isezaki (b. 1936) is one of only 5 potters in the field of Bizen pottery to have ever received the highest honor of being designated a Living National Treasure. Second son to one of Bizen pottery’s great masters, Isezaki Yōzan, from a very early age Jun took up this centuries-old tradition and, through the course of distinguished career, continued to innovate and surprise in interesting ways. Many of Jun’s pieces are created using a small-batch traditional anagama kiln dug into the side of a hill and wood fired for many days. Despite the use of such ancient methods, his careful planning and playful artistry result in many unique and varied ceramic landscapes. For these reasons, Isezaki Jun’s works have been exhibited and collected by major museums around the world including The British Museum; The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston ; The Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art; The Okayama Prefectural Museum of Art; The Musée de Sèvres; and The Canterbury Museum in New Zealand.

This piece is 8.6 inches wide( 22cm), 17 inches long (43.5cm), and stands 2 inches tall (5cm). In excellent condition, it bears Isezaki’s signature on the base, comes housed in its original signed wood box, and with an informational insert detailing the kiln and artist.