A Hagi Tokkuri by Masanao Kaneta VIII

Artist:Masanao Kaneta VIIIEra:ContemporaryPrice:SoldInquire:info@shirakuragallery.com

The trademark glaze on this delightful sake flask (tokkuri) is by none other than 8th generation Hagi potter Masanao Kaneta. Close inspection reveals flecks of reflective powdered shell on a backdrop of thick, translucent glaze with hues of orchid, salmon, and ivory. One of our favorite Hagi potters, if you have not previously experienced works by this artist we cannot recommend him enough.

Like the seven generations who proceeded him, Masanao Kaneta (b. 1953) learned his Hagi techniques from growing up around a kiln and participating in the family trade. Where he diverges is that, while perfecting his skills with traditional methods and materials, he also pursued a formal education in sculpture, bringing a new perspective and fresh inspiration to the age old art. He also chose to move away from the potting wheel, favoring free-forming his pieces by hand, flatting edges with a wood paddle, and carving out the inside of objects such as tea bowls and sake flasks. This unique approach coupled with his masterful use of glazes has won him numerous awards over the years and much acclaim both in Japan and abroad.

In excellent condition, this piece measure 4 inches in diameter at its widest point (10.2 cm) and stands 5.8 inches tall (14.8 cm). Kaneta’s signature can be seen on the base and it comes with its original wood box signed and sealed by the artist and a protective cloth.