A Porcelain Vase by Wakao Kei

Artist:Wakao KeiEra:ContemporaryPrice:SoldInquire:info@shirakuragallery.com

Wakao Kei continues to surprise and captivate with this turquoise blue porcelain vase from his recent offerings. Using deep, rich colors not often seen in this kind of celadon, the form of the vase is reminiscent of the natural contours of a Calla Lily.

Born in 1974 as the eldest son to a well-established kiln in the town of Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture; Wakao took up the family craft from a young age and later went on to conduct formal studies at university. After graduating he exhibited widely and continually strove to generate new and interesting clay forms. His talent for perfecting difficult and innovative glazes gained him some notoriety and, as a result, he has won a number of awards including first prize at the Kanazawa International Ceramics Festival in 1998 and the following year at the Shigaraki Ceramics Arts Exhibition. Today he is a well-known name in the world of Japanese ceramic arts, and has even gained a following overseas.

In excellent condition this piece is 6.1 inches in diameter (15 cm), and stands 8.3 inches tall (21 cm). It comes with its original wood box signed by the artist (tomobako), a protective cloth, and an informational insert in Japanese detailing the kiln and the artist.