Seto-ware Chawan with Kintsugi

This lovely Ido-gata shaped chawan has very nice asymmetrical balance highlighted by extensive and skillfully applied kintsugi gold repairs. The inside bottom of the bowl is covered in a green glaze resembling a carpet of fine moss which stands out nicely agains the backdrop of the ashen-colored crackled glazing of the walls of the bowl.

Stemming from the philosophy of wabi-sabi or, beauty in the imperfect, cracks and repairs in a work of pottery are often seen as highlighting the history of the object and are thus celebrated as such. Practitioners of tea in particular are fond of reminding us that works such as the one featured here with kintsugi applied to them become more resilient and more beautiful for having been damaged.

This piece is 6.1 inches in diameter (15.5 cm), stands 2.8 inches tall (7 cm), and comes with a period wood box. International shipping and insurance are included in the price.